CLRS&Co. is a conceptual design studio that positions diverse work spaces around the same table, forming a platform for attentive translation of the obscure into a precise, handmade geometry.

We advance copywriting, art direction, interior design, illustration, typography, motion design and photography, specialising in corporate identity and visual communication.




Marcii Goosen
Roman Steinmetz
Stephanie Anastasopoulos
Nico Krijno
Max Basler
Francois Visser
Le Roux van Schalkwyk
Robert Nicholls
Michael Lumby
Mavuso Mbutuma
Lucio Lupacchini
Malan Joubert
Dale Lawrence
Mari-Louis Guy & Callie Maritz
Claire Johnson
Franco Fernandes
Christine Joubert
Bruce Mackay
Tammy Joubert
Kerri Von Geusau
Sean Chrisite
Melite Vivier


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2014 Summer symbol

Summer Symbol 2014

2014 Winter symbol

Winter Symbol 2014